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A great way to reduce the environmental impact of heavy equipment is to transition from traditional petroleum diesel fuel to a sustainable alternative. 可再生柴油越来越多, 传统柴油的直接替代品, 会使这种转变更容易管理吗. 在本期的专家角, 狄龙麦金农, SMS设备公司采矿设备技术经理, 和Sylvain godabout, 矿业销售总监, 康明斯加拿大分公司, explain the technology and its implications for Canada's 矿业 industry.



狄龙: 加拿大有几个司机. 在监管方面, the Clean Fuel Regulation Standard that recently came into effect is the biggest. This regulation mandates that the carbon intensity of gasoline and diesel fuels used in Canada must be reduced year over year. The only way to meet that demand is to blend more renewable content into those fuels today.

另一个是 Cummins has also recently approved their entire line of diesel high horsepower engines across all ratings for use with up to 100% renewable Diesel. Utilizing renewable diesel reduces net greenhouse gas (GHG) emission by up to 90% compared to conventional diesel, 取决于原料和燃料途径. Introducing these engines will give customers who want to run renewable diesel the confidence to know that they can reduce their GHG emissions without any risks to the equipment.

Sylvain: Today's investors want to know that they're investing in something that is greener and has less impact. So, in addition to regulatory pressure, there is also a positive financial impact. 当公司开始达到更高的标准, their demand triggers the OEMs and distributors to develop better solutions.

At Cummins, we've made multiple investments in green technology. Since we don't know what the end solutions will be, we have to look at everything out there. 因此,可再生柴油只是其中的一部分.


狄龙: Renewable diesel is also known by the technical terms HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) or HDRD (hydrogenation-derived renewable diesel). It is a next-generation biofuel that uses similar feedstocks to other alternatives like biodiesel but is made with a different process. 这给了它一些重要的优势. 与它的前身不同, 可再生柴油是一种一次性燃料, meaning it can serve as a 100% replacement for diesel fuel. It can also be blended, and you can alternate between diesel and renewable diesel. 所以,这里有很大的灵活性. It can also be transported and stored with existing diesel fuel infrastructure.

So our customers will be able to run renewable diesel if they want to run it. It's a value add for the customer at the end of the day – it is a 'drop-in' solution, 而且不需要花费任何费用来修改设备. It indeed provides another pathway and option to decarbonize their operations.



Sylvain: HVO or HDRD are much more compatible with existing diesels than biodiesel, 这就是为什么它们可以不混合使用. Our reason for testing and refining our diesels is to ensure that there are no detrimental effects to the engine from alternative fuels. The crankshaft and pistons in the lower part of the engine are lubricated with oil, so the concern is the valves and other fuel system components in the engine, 哪些是由燃料润滑的. 这就是原因 we have tested the impact of running 100% renewable diesel on all the components in the engine's upper part and ensuring that there will be acceptable wear down the road. Approving unblended renewable diesel for use in all high-horsepower engines is one more step on our path of 继续d innovation to help our customers reduce their carbon footprints while upholding performance and reliability standards.

狄龙: I should add that some of our customers are concerned about lifespan because they view their equipment as long-lifetime assets. 有60辆拖车的情况并不罕见,000 to 100,超过5000小时, 而大铲子的速度可以超过150米,000小时.



狄龙: Renewable diesel facilities are already coming online in Canada. There's a plant in 乔治王子 that just recently announced it had begun production this summer, and a big plant here in 埃德蒙顿 is currently under construction, 哪一个在2025年完工, the facility is expected to be the largest renewable diesel producer in Canada - creating more than 6 million barrels of renewable diesel annually. 另外, there have been announcements for other renewable diesel refineries across Canada, 其中许多公司计划到2027年投产.

什么's the relationship between Cummins and 小松 equipment?

Sylvain: We build and supply the diesel engines used in some of the largest pieces of 小松 equipment, and 全国最大的彩票平台 is the largest independent 小松 dealer globally. 在北美, 这是最大的矿区, even when you include the US which has ten times the population. So, Canada is definitely a leader in 矿业 and in green 矿业, 所以我们和全国最大的彩票平台的合作非常密切.


狄龙: 我想强调一下 全国最大的彩票平台 is committed to working with key partners like Cummins to understand and support our customer's decarbonization requirements. We can then truly collaborate in delivering solutions and technologies with our joint 矿业 customers. This recent announcement exemplifies that commitment and strengthens 矿业's pathway towards decarbonization and sustainable 矿业.

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